My journey of self discovery

Growing up, the importance of service was stressed constantly. It began as something I was forced to do, and originally, I looked at my service as tedious and unimportant work because I would never see the impact of the time I invested. Although with time and maturity, it became something that I was passionate about because I realized the difference I could be making. Service is something that is extremely essential to me, so looking for a meaningful career that provides my life with a sense of purpose, that I often received while volunteering, is crucial for me. There are numerous careers of service that I could have chosen from, but I needed a career that was compatible with my interests and strengths. Math and science have always been subjects that I have excelled in since my secondary school.

There was new and compelling knowledge that I could acquire every day which kept me engaged in the class. I enjoy the simplistic facts and solutions of math and science. I despise problems where there are multiple answers, and it is based on the interpretation of the scenario. I would categorize myself as a logical thinker and a problem solver, so solutions often having an indisputable answer involving numbers or coming to conclusions based on facts and data is the most comprehensive reasoning for me. Solving problems by trying new angles and confronting the problem with a fresh and new perspective has drawn me to the engineering field. Curiosity of knowing how a machine works or how an organ functions is what keeps me motivated to continue my education when I set my mind to solving a problem. I am determined to complete the task or at least obtain a deeper understanding of the problem.

With curiosity comes determination. This quality is necessary to achieve anything in life and I try to display this characteristic in every aspect of my life, especially educationally. Life has thrown so many obstacles in my way, and from experience, I have realized that determination is the only trait that will push through all of the turmoil that lies ahead. These opportunities have given me a chance to grow and become more well-rounded and highly adaptable. Having options has always been beneficial for me because it has kept me constantly interested in a new challenge at hand.

Some are destined to succeed and some are determined to. Which category do you belong ?



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Adeniye Kehinde Afusat

Kehinde is a technology enthusiast, experienced with Azure DevOps. She has expertise in Cloud technologies and software programming.